'rundllasapp has encountered an error and needs to close'

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When I open the software, I receive an error that the "rundllasapp has encountered an error and needs to close."


There are two things that you can try if you receive this error. First, make sure that all of your X10 software is closed. Then open up My Computer and go to the local drive C. Once there, look for the directory labeled "My Images." Right-click on the directory, and select the option 'Rename.' Change the name to something other than it is currently; "My Images Temp" will suffice. Then try to open the Vanguard software again.

If that does not fix the issue, uninstall your X10 software, and remove the directory in which that rundllasapp program runs. That directory is C:\Program Files\Common Files\x10. You also need to end the X10nets process. To do this, press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to bring up your computer's Task Manager. If X10nets is running, select it from the list and click on End Process. Now, reinstall the Vanguard software.