18:88 Error

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Why does my Mini Timer flash "18:88"?


The Mini Timer can manually control 8 modules and can be programmed to automatically control 4 modules. You can set 2 ON times and 2 OFF times for each of these 4 modules.

If you try to program more than 2 on or off times for a module, the display will flash "18:88" to let you know you exceeded the limit.

To clear this, set the slide switch to REVIEW, press the number button that you pressed when the display changed to 18:88 and then press CLEAR. Or simply unplug the Mini Timer and take the battery out, then plug it back in and reset the time and your programmed events.

Note: You can only program times for units 1-4 or 5-8 (not both). If you set times for units 1-4 and then move the slide switch to position 5-8, the times you set for units 1-4 will affect modules set to 5-8 instead. If you try to program more times for units 5-8, the display will show 18:88 as described above, indicating that you have exceeded the 2 on/off times allowed per unit.