Accessing a WiFi Hotspot on my Airpad 7P

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How do I use a WiFi Hotspot on my AirPad?


You can connect to the Internet from your AirPad by Wi-Fi if you are near a Wi-Fi router, such as in your home or office. See turning on Wi-Fi. Or by using a local Hotspot such as you can find at Airports, Hotels, and some coffee shops, for example. Some cell phones act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing you to connect your AirPad to your cell phone via Wi-Fi and then connect to the Internet via your cell phone. You can also purchase a stand-alone Wi-Fi Hotspot from many major cell phone service providers (contract required from your provider). The AirPad connects to the Hotspot via Wi-Fi and then the Hotspot connects to the Internet via 3G or 4G broadband.