Accessing the AirPadXL from a PC

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How do I access my AirPadXL from my PC?


You will need a USB A to Mini-B cable to do this:


  1. Connect the cable to the PC and to the AirPad XL.
  2. Hold the AirPadXL in a horizontal orientation. You should see a USB symbol in the notification bar at the top of your AirPad's screen, on the left side:
  3. Touch the USB symbol and drag it down to bring up the notification menu. Touch USB Connected.
  4. In the window that appears, touch the Turn On USB storage button.
    XL USB on.png
  5. Next, touch OK in the window that appears.
    P USB 2.png

Your AirPadXL will now appear as two different Removable Storage Devices in “My Computer” - one for the main device memory, and one for the MicroSD card.

Transfer files like you would transfer from any drive to another. Once you are done transferring files, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your PC’s System Tray, next to the clock. Click on Eject, or Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device.
  2. On your AirPadXL, touch Turn off USB storage.
  3. Touch the Home icon File:XL Home icon.png or press the hard key to the right of the screen to exit back to your Home screen.