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I have a complex ActiveHome Pro problem, not just a program crash, and I want to email it to technical support. What data should I include?


X10 will want to look at three things: your *.AHX house data file, your Activity Monitor data, and the compressed files that are downloaded to the interface.

AHX file

Open ActiveHome Pro, then go into the File menu and select Save As to save a copy of your house data file elsewhere on your hard drive. Save the file in My Documents so it will be easy to find.

Activity Monitor Data

Hit the F2 key to bring up the Activity Monitor, then go into its File Menu and select Save As. Save this file as ACTIVITY.HTM in your My Documents folder then close ActiveHome Pro.

Compressed Files

Open C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Active Home Professional. Go into the View menu and select Details, then click on the Date Modified column. The newest pair of files in the folder are the files you need to send.

Once you have these pieces of data, you should attach them to an email and send it to, or directly to an X10 representative if you have been working with someone here.