Adding a Camera to iWatchOut

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How do I add a camera to iWatchOut?


Open ActiveHome Pro. Go into Help and select Product Registration. Confirm that ActiveHome Pro and iWatchOut are registered. Close Product Registration. Locate the Group Pane (which says Rooms at the top) on the left side of the screen. If you do not see it, hit Ctrl+G to bring it up. Locate the Modules category. If you do not see a list of module types under that category, click the down-pointing-arrows-in-a-circle icon immediately to the right of the word Modules. The last subcategory that appears should be Cameras. Click on it. You should see the main window on the right side of the screen divide itself in half. The bottom half will have a list of cameras. Select your camera, drag it to the top half of the main window, and release it. If your camera is mounted on a Ninja Pan and Tilt Base, drag and drop that in the top half of the main window instead. Click the Go Live/On Air button on your newly installed camera; you should see a video window now.