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How much bandwidth do my AirSight cameras need?


The AirSight cameras will use roughly 1200Kbps (1.2Mbps) when one user is viewing or recording a camera over the Internet at the highest settings (640x480 resolution and 30fps framerate.) If you have a slower broadband connection, we recommend that you only view or record from one camera at once. A 5 Mbps connection should let you view four cameras at once over the Internet in the Multi-Device View. If you have more cameras than this, we recommend that you either set them for lower framerates and resolutions, or set up different Multi-Device Views, splitting up the cameras into groups that you will view separately. For example, with 8 cameras, set it up so you view the first four cameras from Camera 1, and the second four cameras from Camera 5. Also, please note that multiple users will require additional bandwidth; it is probably not practical to have multiple users all using the Multi-Device View unless you have a very fast Internet connection.