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'''App. Info.''' Touch “Info.” to view the App version.
'''App. Info.''' Touch “Info.” to view the App version.
[[Image:App info.jpg]]

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Please follow these few simple steps to get started. This might be all you need. You can then look at your owner's manual later for more setup options.

Please go to the Apple App Store (or Google Play store) and download the latest version of the FREE App called:

App icon.JPG


Wired/Wireless IP Camera Quick Installation Guide (Using IE Browser)



You can access your camera's live video feed from your web browser or through software on your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone. To access your camera via Ethernet, to your desktop computer - Follow steps 1 – 3. To access your camera via Wi-Fi, to your notebook via Wi-Fi and cell-phone via Wi-Fi - Follow steps 1 – 4. To access your camera via W-Fi, to cell-phone via 3G/4G and computer over the Internet - Follow steps 1- 4 and then see the full owner's manual for dynamic DNS and port forwarding.

Once you have your camera configured, you may access your camera by either of these methods:

  1. Use the ipcamsetup program on the included CD and click on your camera.
  2. Once you are viewing your camera's live video, you can save the web address as a favorite. Then you can use that saved favorite without using the ipcamsetup program each time.
  3. In your web browser, type the IP address of your camera as a new web address.
  4. To use a friendly name like "mylivingroom.dyndyns.org", see your owner's manual for how to configure your camera to use Dynamic DNS.
  5. To see your camera over the Internet, or from a cell phone through a 3G/4G connection, see the owner's manual to configure your router for Port Forwarding.

Step 1: Hardware Installation

You need to set up your camera using a network cable (wired) first before you attempt to use it wirelessly.

  1. Install the Wi-Fi antenna.
  2. Plug the power adaptor into the camera and into an AC outlet.
  3. Plug one end of the network cable into the camera, and the other end into your router/switch.

Network ctn.png

XX39A Network 2.png

Step 2: Software Installation

Download the FREE App (P2PCamLive) from the Apple App store for iPhone or the Google Play store for Android phones.

P2P Cam 264 app preview both markets1.jpg

Note: The iPhone/iPad App and Android mobile device setup are similar, this manual uses the iPhone/iPad App as an example.

1. Add camera:

Option A: Add a camera via QR Code. This method makes setup extremely fast and easy.

Run the App and touch QR Code on the Add Camera screen (shown on the next page). The App will auto-open your phone’s camera.

Scan (i.e., take a photo of) the QR code in the bottom of the camera, the App will add the camera automatically. You then need to enter the password manually (default 000000, you can change this later), see Option C below. ). Touch “Save” to save the camera settings.


Option B: Search for the camera: Touch the symbol show below to search for any camera located on the same LAN as your iPhone or mobile device. You then need to enter the password manually (default 000000, you can change this later), see Option C below. ). Touch “Save” to save the camera settings.


Option C: Add a camera manually: You can touch “Add” to add the camera manually. Enter a name for the camera, the P2P User ID (found on the bottom of the camera), and the password (default 000000, you can change this later). Touch “Save” to save the camera settings. Note, you can add up to 4 cameras in the mobile App (more when using a browser).

2. Connect Camera:

Touch the Camera icon to connect to (view) the camera.


3. Operate Camera:

You can pan the image from left to right, and tilt up and down, by simply swiping your finger across or up and down the image on the screen; and zoom in and out by pinching your fingers.

You can take a snapshot, save the picture, and listen and talk with two-way audio:

XX59ASETUPAPP5.PNG Touch to take and save a snapshot.

XX59ASETUPAPP6.PNG Touch to see the saved snapshot.

XX59ASETUPAPP8.PNG Touch to listen to or speak through the camera.


Listen: Touch to hear what happens near where the camera placed. Speak: Touch to speak through the camera. Mute: Touch to mute the audio. Dismiss: Touch to go back to the video screen.

Advance Settings:


Security Code: Touch to change your password.


Video Quality: Touch to change the video settings. This will be affected by your bandwidth, you can select from Max to Min according to your network conditions, to ensure smooth viewing of the camera.


Video Flip: You can flip the image depending on how your camera is mounted. For example: if your camera is hung from the ceiling, you can choose “Vertical Flip”.


Environment Mode: Choose a mode to adjust depending on where the camera is located. For example: if the camera is located indoors, choose “Indoor Mode (60Hz). If the camera is located outside the house, choose “Outdoor Mode”. This will ensure the camera has the best video quality.


Motion Detection: Change the motion diction sensitivity level, or turn off motion detection.


About Device: Check camera information here.


4. Check motion detection record: If you touch “Event” you will see when motioned detection was triggered.



App. Info. Touch “Info.” to view the App version.

App info.jpg