AirSight SD & AirSight HD Camera Email Setup

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How do I set up my AirSight SD/HD to send email?


  1. Open the camera in Internet Explorer or the browser of your choice.
  2. Go into Mail Service Settings to enable the camera to send e-mail alerts when motion is detected or when its IP address changes. You will need the SMTP settings for the email address you want to use.
  3. Use the examples below to fill in the information in this page.
    • Addresser: The name you want to appear next to the outgoing email address, for example Front Door Camera
    • Outbox: Your email address you want the camera to use to send emails, for example
    • Inbox1, Inbox2, and Inbox3: Whoever you want the email to go to - you can have up to three email addresses. You can use the same email address that you used in the Sender field, since you will most likely be sending this to yourself.
    • SMTP Server: Use for Yahoo Mail. Use for Gmail.
    • SSL Login: Check this box.
    • SMTP Port: Try 465 or 587 for Yahoo or Gmail; use 587 for Hotmail.
    • Auth User: Check this box
    • SMTP User: For almost all email providers, you will need to enter your the email address here.
    • SMTP Password: Enter the password that you use to log into the email account.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Test. If the test fails, double-check that all the information has been entered correctly. If it still fails, please note the *full* text of the error message before contacting X10 support. If the test succeeds, then your camera is successfully configured to send emails when the alarm is tripped, when its IP address changes, or when it is first connected to wall power.