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== Question ==
== Question ==
How do I setup my ActiveX Controls in IE10?
'''How do I setup my ActiveX Controls in IE10?'''
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== Answer ==
== Answer ==

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How do I setup my ActiveX Controls in IE10?


When using an Airsight camera within IE10 you must configure your Active X controls properly in the browser. By using these instructions you will correctly configure your ActiveX Controls

1. Go to tools/Internet Options

2. Select the Security Tab

3. Select Custom Level under the Security Level for Zone

4. Scroll down until you see Active X Controls and Plugins

5. Change the settings as followed:

Allow Active X filtering - DISABLE

Allow previously unused Active X Controls - ENABLE

Allow Scriplets - DISABLE

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls - DISABLE

Binary and Script behaviors - DISABLE

Display Video and Animation on a w - ENABLE

Download signed Active X controls - PROMPT

Download unsigned Active X controls - PROMPT

Initialize and script ActiveX controls - PROMPT

Only allow approved domains - ENABLE

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins -PROMPT

Script ActiveX controls marked safe - ENABLE

6. Close out of Internet Exploror and reopen IP camera in the IP Camera Tool.

7. Sign in and you should have a video image.

It should look like the following

Active X 4.jpg

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