Aries Wireless HD Transmitters

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Model Numbers: NPCS550, NAVS500, NAVS501

Brilliant 1080p video and digital surround sound audio streaming is fully realized at last with the ARIES™ family of wireless high definition A/V senders. Each device broadcasts all your media in razor-sharp, uncompressed high definition for a wireless HDMI® experience unrivalled in quality and convenience. You’re free to arrange your living room without being tied down by your HDMI®-compatible devices for the clean, complete home entertainment setup you’ve always envisioned.

The future of media streaming is a connection away. Explore each ARIES product page by clicking on the Home, Home+, Pro or Prime and learn which model best fits your lifestyle.

Product Pages


NAVS501/500 Transmitter Dimensions: Height 10" Width 8.5" Depth 2.5"

NAVS501/500 Receiver Dimensions: Height 10" Width 8.5" Depth 2.5"

NPCS500 Transmitter Dimensions: Length 3.85" Width 1.14" Height 0.57"

NPCS500 Receiver Dimensions: Length 3.89" Width 2.2" Height 0.81"

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