Automatic Preset Scanning On Motion Detection

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How can I have my pan/tilt camera scan to different presets for each sensor, allowing me to follow motion?


If you have ActiveHome Pro and iWatchOut, you can get a camera to follow motion by using macros. Here is a simple example. Let's say that we have a Ninja Base set to A1 and three motion sensors in a ring around it at B1 (left), B2 (center), and B3 (right). First, program three presets into the base: make 1 the desired left view, 2 the center view, and 3 the right view. Next, make three macros in ActiveHome Pro. If you have not made macros before, please read this article before proceeding.

  • B1 On // Go to Preset 1 on A1 Ninja
  • B2 On // Go to Preset 2 on A1 Ninja
  • B3 On // Go to Preset 3 on A1 Ninja

To get motion recording to work correctly with this motion setup, you also need the SmartMacros plugin. See the Using Flags article for more detail about how to configure motion recording across multiple motion sensors.