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My camera turns off by itself every once in a while. What should I do?

There are a number of potential reasons your camera turns off at random. The first is that the addressable power supply for the camera has received an X10 command and is responding properly. The command could have come from a remote that was unintentionally activated, or from a neighbor who also owns X10 equipment and is within range--100 feet from your Transceiver Module or CM15A ActiveHome Pro Interface. The second possibility is the presence of line noise interference on your house wiring, which may be randomly mimicking a real X10 command. When this occurs, the addressable power supply will respond normally. For more information on recognizing and combating line noise, please see Troubleshooting Camera Switching.

Additionally, if you have any MS13A HawkEye or MS14A EagleEye Motion Detectors in use, the Dawn/Dusk feature may be the cause. If the photo cell in the Motion Detector senses a significant change in light that signifies dawn or dusk, it will transmit an On (at Dusk) or Off (at Dawn) command to the unit code one higher than its current setting. If you are controlling a light on A1 and a camera on A2, your camera could be turning off due to the dusk setting on the Motion Detector. For more information regarding this feature, please see the support manuals page.

If you do not own a Remote and a Transceiver to turn the camera back on, momentarily unplug the addressable power supply. When reconnected to power, it will automatically turn on.

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