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[[Motion Sensors]]
[[Motion Sensors]]
[[Motion Sensors with a Camera System]]
[[Motion Sensors with a Camera System]]

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All HawkEye (MS12A), HawkEye II (MS13A), EagleEye (MS14A), and ActiveEye (MS16A) Motion Sensors share the following characteristics:

  • Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection
  • Detect motion approximately 20 feet distant
  • 100 foot transmission range (maximum)
  • Configurable to all House and Unit codes

Note: At a minimum, a Transceiver (TM751 or RR501) is required to test them.

The following chart compares the differences between the Motion Sensors:

X10 Part PRO Part Detection Dawn/Dusk Detection No Motion Off Time Weather Resistant
MS12A N/A Always Fixed Enabled Fixed 6 Minutes No
MS13A PMS02 Always or Night Only Fixed Enabled Variable No
MS14A PMS03 Always or Night Only Fixed Enabled Variable Yes
MS16A PMS04 Always or Night Only Variable Variable Yes


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