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How do I have my security console arm automatically?


If you are running OnAlert and have installed either a SH624 – Security / Home Automation Remote Control or a KR10A – Security Remote Control, you can create a macro to Arm your Security Console or set your virtual armed status. ActiveHome Pro has to know the code number of a remote programmed into the console to trigger it. This means you will have to install the remote into both ActiveHome Pro and the security console. Do not reset the remote`s code between programming. You will also need to select the "This remote is programmed into a security console" checkbox when you install the remote into AHP.

In the Macro Designer, under the Module drop-down list you will see a new entry – “Security”. When you select this you will either see 2 or 4 possible choices for macro commands. Note: for more information about creating Macros, see ‘Using Macro Events’ in the main help file.

If you only have a KR10A installed, you will not see the delayed commands. Drag the ARM step that you want into your macro, just like you would do with any other macro step. If you have more than one remote installed, you can select which one you want to issue the arm command.

If you create a macro with just the Arm Console step, you can put a timer on this macro so it runs on a scheduled basis. This will arm your console automatically.

Please note that you cannot disarm the console from ActiveHome Pro, but only from one of the security remotes. This is because macro trigger commands are not "encrypted" like security remote commands are. ActiveHome Pro cannot trigger the alarm either, unless you flash a lamp near a motion sensor or the like.

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