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While safely sitting in your car, turn on your home’s lights with the simple press of a button on your credit card controller. Control up to 4 lights and appliances. It even has brighten and dim buttons so you can dim your lights, even if they couldn't dim before. With its elegant, sleek design and additional buttons to control even more lights and appliances, Credit Card Controller brings added excitement to home control!
==Product Pages==
*[[KR22A|KR22A Specifications]]
*[http://software.x10.com/pub/manuals/kr22a-is.pdf Product Manual]
*[http://www.x10.com/automation/x10_kr22a.htm Purchase]
*[http://www.x10.com/news/msgb/index.cgi?board=automation Forums]
[[Setup Credit Card Remote|How do I program my Credit Card remote?]]
[[Remote Will Not Control Module|Why won't my remote control my modules or wall switches? ]]
[[TM751 Locks Up|When I transmit a dim command, my transceiver (TM751) dims the light all the way down and then the transceiver locks up until I unplug it. Why does this happen? ]]
==Related Products==
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