Deleting Stored MiniTimer Events

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How do I review and delete stored MiniTimer events?


Set the Mode Switch in the "Prog Review" position (the display may show an apparently random time until you press a key).

If you press any of the 4 ON (or OFF) rocker keys, the display will show the on (or off) time programmed for that Module. If you have 2 on (or off) times set you can display the second on (or off) time by pressing the ON (or OFF) rocker key again. Each subsequent press of the ON (or OFF) rocker key will alternately display each of the 2 on (or off) times.

While displaying a particular on (or off) time, press the Clear button to clear that on (or off) time from memory. Pressing Clear twice will clear both on (or off) times. This will not affect any other on or off times you have set.