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How do I download the Web UI update from the X10 Software Download page?


Your camera may require a firmware or web ui upgrade. You can find these upgrades on our X10 Software Download page.

If you are having trouble downloading these files to your computer please follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the "Primary" link to download

Web ui sw dl1.JPG

  • If you're using Internet Explorer click the arrow on the save button and select "Save As". If you were using Google Chrome you would wait until the download is complete and click on the download on the bottom of the browser window (see examples below).

Internet Exlorer Web ui sw dl 3.jpg

Google Chrome Web ui sw dl chrome.jpg

  • Save the download to your desktop.

Web ui sw dl 4.jpg

  • Locate the downloaded file on your desktop and open the file
  • You should see the Web UI download in that file. Highlight the download and "click and drag" the Web UI download onto your desktop. You could also highlight, right click on the download and select "extract to specified folder" and choose your desktop as the specified location.

NOTE: It is easiest to download the Web UI to your desktop so that it is easy to locate when you go to update the Web UI within the camera's interface.

For instructions to load your new Web UI or firmware update to your camera please click here.

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