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==Product Pages==
==Product Pages==
*[http://software.x10.com/pub/manuals/pr511-om.pdf Product Manual]
*[http://www.smarthome.com/manuals/4080xt_man.pdf Detailed PR511 Instructions]
*[http://www.x10.com/automation/x10_pr511.htm Purchase]
*[http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/aaaremotes/PHS01.pdf Detailed PHS01 Instructions]
*[http://www.x10.com/news/msgb/index.cgi?board=automation Forums]
*[http://www.x10.com/news/msgb/index.cgi?board=automation Forums]

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X10 PR511 and PRO PHS01: Dual Floodlight Motion Detector

180x180 pr511.gif

Product Pages


2.0 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Lamp Holders
150W each


What do I need to check before ordering and installing a Dual Floodlight Motion Detector?

Dual Floodlight Motion Detector Set-Up

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Why are my floodlights not turning on?

Why do my floodlights turn on but do not turn off?

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