Dusk and Dawn Feature in AHP

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What is the "Dusk and Dawn" feature in AHP and how does it work?


The "Dusk and Dawn" feature in Active Home Pro contains information about the rising and setting of the sun all over the world. You can use that information to set lights that automatically adjust to later sunset times in the summer, and shorter days in the winter. In order to use Dusk and Dawn settings you should set your city or latitude and longitude information in the Configuration menu.

You can choose to use both Dusk and Dawn settings, or just one, but you can only have one "On" command active at a time. When you use a Dusk or Dawn setting, you don’t have to use the exact time; you can enter a time into the box, and then choose to have your timer happen before or after Dusk or Dawn. The two “Make Active...” buttons are a quick way to have a module only on during the day or night. A light that’s active during the day will turn on at Dawn and turn off at Dusk. One that’s active at night will do the opposite. When you use Dusk and Dawn times and store your timers in the Active Home Pro interface, you can end up using a lot of space. If you don’t have too many modules, it won’t be a problem. If you use a lot of timers or have a lot of modules in your home, it may be helpful to group your Dusk and Dawn activities in a Macro, and then schedule the Macro at the appropriate time.