Experiment With Magnet Placement

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I am installing my Door/Window sensor, but I cannot position the magnet and sensor so that their arrows are pointing exactly at each other. What can I do?


The magnet and switch can work in other configurations besides having the arrows pointing at each other. You can generally rotate the magnet 90 degrees, or leave a gap of up to about 1/4 inch, and it will still work OK. Test the position by opening and closing the door or window; if the LED on the DS10A blinks when the door/window is opened, and again when it is closed, then the magnet is close enough. To cover bigger gaps, you can use a shim to bring the magnet closer, or try using a different, stronger magnet, instead of the magnet we provide.

We cannot recommend any particular magnet sellers; I recommend doing a Google Products search for RARE EARTH MAGNET.