Extending The VC10A

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How can I extend the XCam Miniature camera?


You can connect it to a VT30A or VT32A video sender; this will broadcast video to a Video Receiver (VR30A, VR31A, VR36A, or VR38A) up to 100 feet away. The camera is also powered by the Video Sender's power adapter. With a separate 9v/100ma power adapter, like the D9100, you can use the camera in a wired configuration. You will need a single RCA coupler and a RCA video cable:

Froogle search for RCA couplers

You can call 800-675-3044 to order a ZC16A 100 foot RCA video cable for $19.99. This item is eligible for X10 Bucks and voucher discounts.

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