Extending The VC10A

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How can I extend the XCam Miniature camera?

How do I use the VC10A as a wired camera?


You can connect it to a VT30A or VT32A video sender; this will broadcast video to a Video Receiver (VR30A, VR31A, VR36A, or VR38A) up to 100 feet away. The camera is also powered by the Video Sender's power adapter. With a separate 9v/100ma power adapter, like the D9100, you can use the camera in a wired configuration. You will need a single RCA coupler and an RCA video cable:

Google search for RCA couplers

Google search for 100 foot RCA video cables

You can call 800-675-3044 to order a ZC16A 100 foot RCA video cable for $19.99.

Finally, you could use a separate power adapter for the camera, and use an RCA coupler and a video cable to position the camera away from the Video Sender. This would allow you to use this tiny video camera discreetly, away from the Video Sender. You could even install in inside a teddy bear's eye, for example, for covert video coverage.

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