Finding the Channel Switch on Wireless Cameras

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Where is the ABCD channel switch on the camera?

How do I change the channel/frequency on the camera?

The A, B, C, and D channel switch on each camera is located under the gray rubber plug next to the lens. If you point the camera at yourself with the antenna at the top, the bottom position of the switch corresponds to A on the receiver, and the top position corresponds to D. Make sure to replace the rubber plug if you are using the X10 camera outdoors.


X10 cameras and Video Senders use the following frequencies:

  • Channel A: 2.411 GHz
  • Channel B: 2.434 GHz
  • Channel C: 2.453 GHz
  • Channel D: 2.473 GHz

For good reception, put all of the cameras and the Video Receiver on the same channel number. You can experiment to find which channel works the best for you.

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