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Where do I get a SIM card for my GSM Alarm System? What size of SIM card do I need?


The most common options are AT&T and T-Mobile. T-Mobile has a prepaid $100, 1000 minute plan that lasts for one year (about $8.30 a month).

In Canada, the larger carriers that are compatible are Rogers and Fido.

When buying a SIM card, just tell the wireless carrier "I need to buy a prepaid SIM card for an old phone I have". Do not mention you are using it in an alarm system if possible.

When activating your SIM, just tell the carrier "I want to activate this SIM with an old phone I have". Do not mention you are using it in an alarm system.

Mentioning an alarm system can sometimes confuse carrier reps or cause them to not sell you a SIM card because of company policies.

If you need an IMEI number in order to activate your SIM, on the control panel type 0 1 and then press Enter. The IMEI number will be displayed briefly and you can copy it down to give to the cell carrier. An example number is shown below, but this number will be different and unique to each GSM panel.


Only GSM carriers can provide a compatible SIM. Verizon Wireless and Sprint cannot be used. If your personal cell phone is on Verizon Wireless or Sprint, you can remain a customer and still purchase a prepaid SIM from AT&T or T-Mobile.

There is also no issue with the system calling a Verizon or Spring phone when using a AT&T or T-Mobile SIM.

The system uses a standard size SIM card, not a micro or nano size.