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'''Username: ''admin'''''
'''Username: ''admin'''''
'''Password: ''No Password''''' (ie. leave this field blank)
'''Password: ''admin''''' (if that doesn't work try leaving this field blank)
[[Image:XX39A Setup 3B.png]]
[[Image:XX39A Setup 3B.png]]

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How do I log into my IP camera via an Internet Explorer browser?


To log into your camera directly via an Internet Explorer browser:

  • Run the IP Camera Search tool - SearchIPCam.exe found on your camera's installation CD.

  • Double click on your camera's IP address to log into your camera via an Internet Explorer browser

If the web interface opens in a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome, simply COPY / PASTE the link in the address bar into an Internet Explorer browser.

XX39A Setup 3A.png

Username: admin

Password: admin (if that doesn't work try leaving this field blank)

XX39A Setup 3B.png

  • Choose the language: English, Spanish, etc.

XX39A Setup 3C.png

  • Choose the mode. For IE browser: choose ActiveX mode. For Safari, Firefox, Google chrome browser: Choose QuickTime, VLC, or Server Push Mode. For Mobile phone: Chose sign in mobile phone mode.

  • Sign in. Click Sign In to see video in real-time.

Note: If there is no picture shown in IE Browser

If using IE browser to connect to the camera for the first time, and there is no image displayed, there will be an ActiveX prompt, please click the prompt and choose Run Add-on, refresh the IE interface, and login to the camera again, then you will see live video.

XX39A Setup 3D.png

If there is still no live video after you run ActiveX, please try to enable the ActiveX options of IE security settings, please do the follow steps:

  1. Close your computer’s Firewall.
  2. Change the ActiveX settings, “IE” browser > “Tool” > “Internet Options” > “Security”> “Custom Level” > “ActiveX control and Plug-ins”, all the ActiveX options should be set to be “Enable”: Especially:
    Enable: Download unsigned ActiveX controls
    Enable: Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe
    Enable: Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins

Step 3F.png Step 3G.png

If there is still no image, please close your anti-virus software, and then try steps 1 & 2 again.

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