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How can I view my IP camera over the Internet?


Please follow these instructions to connect to the AirSight over the Internet. First, you will need to note down your external IP address - visit http://www.whatismyip.com/ on a PC on the same WiFi or Ethernet network as the camera - and the port you selected in the AirSight camera`s Network-Basic Network Settings menu. You will also need to make sure that port forwarding is enabled on that port, from your external IP address to the camera`s internal IP address. For information about port forwarding go to http://portforward.com and look at their FREE guides- note that the software requires TCP connections. To test the cameras, enter the IP address and port into your web browser in the correct format-an example might be if the external IP was and the port you selected was 8001.

Once you have set that up and can access the camera by entering the IP address and port into a web browser, you can check Network-DDNS Service Settings. You can try the address listed as "Manufacturer's Domain" as a remote access address for the camera.

If you cannot connect after following these instructions, please write down of all this information before you contact technical support:

  • Your external IP address
  • What port you selected
  • The internal IP address of your camera
  • The make and model number of your router
  • The details of any port forwarding rules you have set up for your cameras.

If you've followed the steps in the Owner's Manual and are still having difficulty understanding such things as "Port Forwarding" etc., you might find this site useful: