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How much space will recorded video from the IP camera take up on my hard drive?


About 9 MB per minute, or a little over 1/2 GB per hour, at 640 x 480 fullspeed recording- it may take a little less space if there is no motion for a while.

Video Format Resolution Bandwidth Required

Per Camera

Recording Rate

(Gigabytes per hour )

MJPEG (XX34A, XX41A, XX36A, XX42A, XX40A) 176x120 900.00 Kbps 0.81 GB
352x240 2.40 Mbps 2.16 GB
704x480 6.90 Mbps 6.21 GB
H.264 No No No No Yes, 3x
Remote Viewing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SD Card Storage No No Yes Yes No
Video Format MJPEG MJPEG H.264 H.264 MJPEG
Motion Activated Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Resolution 640x480 640x480 640x480 1280x720 640x480
Pan/Tilt Pan 270°, Tilt 120° Stationary camera Pan 270°, Tilt 120° Pan 270°, Tilt 120° Pan 355°, Tilt 90°
Weather Resistant No Yes No No Yes
P2P App No No No Yes No
Power Cord Plug Size 2.1mm (3.5mm x 1.35 mm jack) 2.1mm (3.5mm x 1.35 mm jack) 2.1mm (3.5mm x 1.35 mm jack) 2.11 (3.5mm x 1.35 mm jack) 5.5mm (5.5mm x 2.1 mm jack)

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