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(Find default gateway using a Mac)
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==Find default gateway using a Mac==
==Find Default Gateway Using A Mac==
1) Click Apple Logo top left  
1) Click Apple Logo top left  

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Can I use the AirSight on a Mac?


Yes. Please download this program if you have an AirSight (XX34A), AirSight Outdoor (XX36A), AirSight PTZ (XX40A), AirSight WideEye (XX41A), or AirSight WideEye Outdoor (XX42A):


Right-click on the detected camera address to open it in Safari.

An easy way to install and configure your AirSight SD Camera (XX39A) using an Apple Mac is to use IP Scanner 2.5. IP Scanner is a free tool by an independent publisher.

You can download it for free from this location:

IP Scanner

  • Install the program
  • Run the program and it automatically displays all the network ip devices running including the AirSight Camera. The AirSight will be listed as “unidentified hidden device”.
  • Copy down the AirSight`s IP address, then open Safari. Type in the IP address and hit Enter.

Find Default Gateway Using A Mac

1) Click Apple Logo top left

2) click System prefrences

3) Click Network (under internet & wireless)

4) Make sure your connected to your network

5) Click the advanced button at the lower right hand of the dialogue box

6) Click the TCP/IP tab

7) It will be listed here called "Router" that is the same thing as gateway address.