IP Cameras on Mac

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Can I use the AirSight on a Mac?


Yes. Go here if you have an AirSight (XX34A), AirSight Outdoor (XX36A), AirSight PTZ (XX40A), AirSight WideEye (XX41A), or AirSight WideEye Outdoor (XX42A).

Download: IPCameraTool-mac.zip

Right-click on the detected camera address to open it in Safari.

An easy way to install and configure your AirSight HD and AirSight SD Camera's (XX39A & XX59A) using an Apple Mac is to use IP Scanner 2.5. IP Scanner is a free tool by an independent publisher.

You can download it for free from this location:

IP Scanner

  • Install the program
  • Run the program and it automatically displays all the network ip devices running including the AirSight Camera. The AirSight will be listed as “unidentified hidden device”.
  • Copy down the AirSight`s IP address, then open Safari. Type in the IP address and hit Enter.

For iOS, there is a similar app, CamScan, which identifies cameras and lets you open them directly in Safari.

Find Default Gateway Using A Mac

1) Click Apple Logo top left

2) click System prefrences

3) Click Network (under internet & wireless)

4) Make sure your connected to your network

5) Click the advanced button at the lower right hand of the dialogue box

6) Click the TCP/IP tab

7) It will be listed here called "Router" that is the same thing as gateway address.