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How can I use my iconRemote to control my X10 lighting system?


Newer IR32A Remote

The IR32A IconRemote - coupled with other X10 Home Automation Modules - gives you the ability to control everything electrical in your home. Once you set up your remote, you can control most any electrical device from the remote, using the keys that have been configured for X10 Home Automation Modules.

X10 Home Automation systems use three types of signals - Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), and Power Line Carrier (PLC). The IR32A remote can send either IR, RF signals, or both, depending on how you’ve set up the remote to control different equipment.

Setting Up the IR32A to control the TM751 Transceiver

The TM751 Transceiver receives RF signals to control lights and appliances. Do the following to setup this transceiver. This example will work with a TM751 that is set to House Code B.

  • Press the HOME key to display the setup screen. Select Setup.
  • Select X10.
  • Select Add/Edit at the next screen.
  • Choose the room where you will locate the TM751. For this example choose Basement.
  • Press the Side Key to select.
  • At the "add an X10 device" screen, press OK.
  • Select Pick Device.
  • Select Appliances and then scroll until you see the TM751

icon. Select TM751 using the appropriate Side Key.

  • At the following screen select Address.
  • Using the Side Keys, select “B.”
  • Select Save using the Side Key.
  • Select Done using the Side Key.
  • Select Mode Button then the X10 device icon side key.
  • Next select the room that you’ve set the device in (Basement).
  • Press the icon to test the RF transmission for the device.

Setting Up the IR32A to control a Lamp Module

This example will work with a LM465 that is set to B3.

  • Press the HOME Button to display the Home screen.
  • Select Setup using the Side Key.
  • Select X10 using the Side Key.
  • Select Add/Edit at the next screen using the Side Key.
  • Select Basement (for this example) using the Side Key.
  • At the "add an X10 device" screen, press the OK key to continue.
  • Select Pick Device and at the next screen select Lamps using the Side Keys.
  • Go through the following screens to find the correct module using the Next Side Key.
  • Select the LM456 Module by using the Side Key.
  • Press Save using the Side Key.
  • Select Address using the Side Key.
  • Use the Side Keys to set the values to B3.
  • Note: The values in the Address screen must match the physical hardware settings for the LM465 Lamp Module. In this example, the settings are set at B3. This means that B3 matches the physical settings at the Lamp Module.
  • Press Save using the Side Key to save the values.
  • Select Pick Logo using the Side Key and choose an appropriate image by using the Next Side Key, and then select the image by using the Side Key.
  • Press Save and Done using the Side Keys.

Older IR10A Remote

If you own or purchase an X10 IR Command Console (model IR543) and X10 Lamp, Appliance, and Wall Switch Modules you'll be able to control lights and appliances from your IR10A iconRemote. When you point the iconRemote at the IR543, it receives IR commands and converts them to X10 commands. Refer to the directions below and set up code 0998 under AUX (or any other mode you prefer). First, press the button on the remote for the mode you selected for X10. Second, press a number button on the iconRemote corresponding to the X10 Module you want to control. Finally, press one of these four buttons:

  • CHANNEL + to turn the module on
  • CHANNEL - to turn it off
  • VOLUME + to brighten Lamp and Wall Switch Modules
  • VOLUME - to dim Lamp and Wall Switch Modules.

You can also press the POWER button in the X10 mode to turn on ALL lights connected to Lamp and Wall Switch Modules and press MUTE to turn off all your X10 modules (including Appliance Modules).

Important Note

Older IR10As use 0401 instead of 0998 as the home automation control code. If 0998 fails to work try 0401.

Device Codes

Select Home-Setup-Advanced-Device Codes. Then select a device. Devices that have not yet been set up are grayed out. You can select them here and set them up by entering the device code from the printed code list. Or you can change the code for a device that had already been set up by simply entering the new code.


This screen also lets you view the codes for any device that’s been set up. In the above example you can see the codes that are set for TV, Cable, and SAT. We’ve selected CD and can then enter its 4 digit code from the code list, using the number keys on the remote. The above also shows that we’ve learned codes under the AUX1 key in DVD mode. You can also change the device type by pressing the key on screen (1) next to the device that you are editing the code for. Pressing this key repeatedly cycles through all available device types.