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== iconRemote ==
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I can program up to 10 different users - the kids, babysitter and other guests. I can even enter in people’s names, so they can easily access their own favorites!

Plus, on my personalized favorites screen, I can set cable, Satellite and TV channels. For example, when I hit the HBO icon it will automatically switch to HBO on my Satellite. Then I hit the ESPN icon, and it will switch to ESPN on my cable box.

Programming the iconRemote is a breeze! For starters, I didn’t need to plug it into a computer. The instant I hit the first button, the SET-UP WIZARD popped up on the LCD screen and guided me through the easy set-up process. I was controlling my TV, cable box, stereo and DVD player within five minutes. I’m not joking!

I didn’t need any code lists, either. With the most complete code list in the world already built in, the iconRemote was able to figure out the codes for all of my devices on its own! It even has a learning feature, which lets me "learn" functions from my original remotes. For example, I can use the iconRemote to control "random play" on my CD player or "slow motion" on my DVD player. It does it all!

I can finally toss out all those annoying remotes scattered across every table my house!

Features of the iconRemote
  • Never forget which channel is which - change channels by recognizable TV station icons
  • Easy to use and navigate - large vibrant LCD screen and big, easy-to-read buttons make this the most user friendly remote on the market
  • No more arguing over the remote - the iconRemoteTM is the world's first remote with customizable HIS/HERS favorites buttons
  • Customize the remote for every member of the family - set favorite channels for you, your wife, your kids and even the babysitter (up to 10 customized users)
  • Control multiple devices from your favorites screen - hit the HBO icon for HBO on your satellite, then hit the ESPN icon for ESPN on your cable box
  • Program it in under five minutes - easy set-up wizard walks you through step-by-step set-up
  • No computer required - easy push-button programming
  • No code lists needed - the iconRemote has the world's most complete code list already built in
  • Learning feature allows your iconRemote to learn new buttons - control random play on your stereo, slow motion on your DVD player, favorite stations on your radio and more
  • Replace all of your remotes - the iconRemote controls up to 10 separate devices
  • No need to plug it into the wall and recharge - the iconRemote comes with three AA batteries, which should last approximately a year
  • One-button control - one button turns on TV, DVD player, plays DVD and turns up surround sound
  • Control any brand, make or model (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.)


Clear LCD Screen


One-Touch Control


Large Buttons


His and Hers Menu Buttons
  • Q: Do I need a computer to program my remote?
  • A: No way! Just push a couple buttons and you're set. No computer needed!
  • Q: Will I need to enter in any codes?
  • A:Nope! The iconRemote has the world's most complete code list already programmed in. It will figure out the codes by itself!
  • Q: Will it work with my stereo or CD player?
  • A:Sure! The iconRemote works with all audio/video equipment, including stereos, CD players, surround sound and more. This amazing remote can even learn codes from your existing remotes, old or new. Sweet!
  • Q: Can I replace all my remotes with the iconRemote?
  • A:Yep! The iconRemote lets you control up to 10 devices! It's one smart remote!
  • Q: Can I control X10 lights and appliances with the iconRemote?
  • A:Yes! All you need is the Infrared Mini-Controller and it will control your X10 gear too!
  • Q: Can I use it with old, obscure equipment?
  • A:Heck yeah! With the learning function, it will learn old codes. Amazing!