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The iconRemote is the revolutionary new universal remote that makes channel surfing a breeze. The large, built-in LCD screen will actually display the logos from all of your favorite TV stations. In seconds, you simply program each of your favorites into your own user profile, and from then on, you never have to waste time searching through unwanted channels again.

The iconRemote is also extremely easy to use and navigate. Large buttons, a bright LCD screen, and an ergonomic design will soon make this your favorite (and only) remote.

With 10 separate and customizable user profiles, including convenient His and Hers buttons, you’ll never have to argue about what to watch again. Program up to 100 favorite channels for each user and switch between them at the push of a button. You can even set up a Kid Safe profile for each child. No more worrying about your kids accidentally switching to an adult channel.

This handy little remote can control up to 10 different devices - TVs, DVD Players, VCRs, Tivo, DVRs, Home Audio Receivers, CD Players – as long as your device came with a remote, the iconRemote can control it. It even has a slot for Auxiliary 1 and Auxiliary 2, just in case there’s something else you need to control.

The on screen wizard will walk you through the simple set up in minutes. Simply select your brands and devices (Sony, TV) you want to control from the remote’s internal memory, and you’re iconRemote is ready to go. You don’t even need a computer, because all of the codes for your remotes come programmed in. And, if you come across a feature that isn’t already preprogrammed, your remote has an easy to use learning feature. In mere seconds, teach your iconRemote any function you want.

The iconRemote also has macros. With the patented smart macro capability you can push one button on the remote and activate your entire entertainment system. For example, one touch turns on the TV, DVD player, plays the DVD and turns on the surround sound. It also has Quick Power which allows you to turn on all of your devices at once and Punch-through which allows you to set up various keys to control different devices, regardless of the mode. For example, you might want volume to control your stereo receiver, whether you’re in TV, CD, or DVD mode.

And, with the iconRemote, there’s no need to recharge the batteries. The 3 included AAs will last approximately one year and the remote will even “sleep” when you’re not using it, to save power.

Features of the iconRemote
  • Never forget which channel is which - change channels by recognizable TV station icons
  • Easy to use and navigate - large vibrant LCD screen and big, easy-to-read buttons make this the most user friendly remote on the market
  • No more arguing over the remote - the iconRemoteTM is the world's first remote with customizable HIS/HERS favorites buttons
  • Customize the remote for every member of the family - set favorite channels for you, your wife, your kids and even the babysitter (up to 10 customized users)
  • Control multiple devices from your favorites screen - hit the HBO icon for HBO on your satellite, then hit the ESPN icon for ESPN on your cable box
  • Program it in under five minutes - easy set-up wizard walks you through step-by-step set-up
  • No computer required - easy push-button programming
  • No code lists needed - the iconRemote has the world's most complete code list already built in
  • Learning feature allows your iconRemote to learn new buttons - control random play on your stereo, slow motion on your DVD player, favorite stations on your radio and more
  • Replace all of your remotes - the iconRemote controls up to 10 separate devices
  • No need to plug it into the wall and recharge - the iconRemote comes with three AA batteries, which should last approximately a year
  • One-button control - one button turns on TV, DVD player, plays DVD and turns up surround sound
  • Control any brand, make or model (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.)


Revolutionary Channel Icons

ESPN, MTV, NBC - we all know the logos. With the iconRemote, rather than boring channel numbers, over 200 recognizable logos come up on the remote screen. Just hit the logo of the channel you want! You'll never have to memorize channels or worry about guests not knowing what channel ABC or TNT is! Fantastic!


Easy to Customize for each Member of the Family

Skip the hassle of skimming through channels you never watch! Each member of your family can program in up to 100 favorite channels, with 10 favorite logos showing at once on the LCD screen! You can assign favorites to the kids, babysitters and guests! You can even enter in names, so each member of your family has their own settings listed under their name!


No more arguing over the remote with His/Hers Buttons

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - the iconRemote actually understands that we have different needs. You only watch ESPN, CNN and NBC. Your wife, on the other hand, only watches the Oxygen channel and E! Entertainment. The iconRemote is easy to customize! When you hit HIS, only your favorite channels come up. When your wife hits HERS, only her favorites appear.


No need to change device modes!

On your personalized favorites screen, you can set cable, satellite and TV channels. For example, you can hit the HBO icon, and it will automatically switch to HBO on your satellite. Then hit the ESPN icon, and it will switch to ESPN on your cable box. Simple!


No computer needed!

A lot of advanced Universal Remotes require you to plug them into a computer to program. Not with the iconRemote! Program it with the touch of a couple buttons - no computer required!


All Codes Included

Most Universal Remotes require a code for each device you want to control - one for the TV, one for the DVD player, one for the cable box, etc. Not with the iconRemote! With the most complete code list in the world already programmed in, it will find the right code on its own!


Learn Old Remote Codes with Learning Feature

In the rare event that the iconRemote can't find the code for a certain device, simply point the old remote at the iconRemote and it will automatically learn the code! It couldn't be easier!


Easy to use, large buttons

With large, easy-to-read buttons, the iconRemote is totally user friendly! You don't need your glasses to see each button and you don't need to scour the remote to find the right buttons. It's all laid out, easy to use and it all shows on the LCD screen!


It's the only remote you need!

In the past, you would turn on the TV with one remote, get up to turn on the surround sound, then use another remote to turn on and play the DVD player. Not anymore! With the iconRemote, you can easily program it to do all this with one button. You can even set it to turn on the TV, wait two seconds, turn on the DVD player, wait another 10 seconds, then turn up the volume. It's one smart remote!

Easy Setup


Pop the batteries in your iconRemote


Follow the easy set-up wizard instructions to program your remote


Five minutes - no codes to enter, no computer to plug into - you're done

Using the Wizard


After you insert the batteries the Wizard screen appears. You can exit the Wizard at any time by pressing the Home button (located just below the screen). Follow the instructions on the Wizard screens to familiarize yourself with the OK, Back, and Side Keys.

You can go back and forth through the Wizard but once you leave it and move on to setting up devices you won’t see the Wizard again unless you do a Master Reset.

To do a Master Reset: Press the Home key, then press Setup, then press Clear Settings, then press Master Clear. Note this will erase everything you have set up in the remote.




Setting Up Your Devices


After you’ve been through the Wizard, the screen shown to the right appears. This is the start of the Wizard to set up your devices (TV being the first one).

If you know your brand of TV, select Yes which results in a faster search for your TV’s code. (Selecting No searches through the complete library of codes, rather than just the codes for your brand of TV).

Selecting Yes takes you to a screen where the most popular brands are shown next to the Side Keys. If your brand isn’t shown you can press the Side Key adjacent to Next to show more brands, or press the Side Key adjacent Back to go back to the previous screen of brands.

After you select your brand, the next screen tells you to point the remote at your TV and keep pressing Power until it responds.

Pressing Power sends the Power code to your TV and the screen shows that you’ve sent code 1 of xx (xx will vary by brand). Keep pressing Power until your TV responds and then press Save. (You can press the Side Key adjacent to Last Code if you overshoot).

Pressing Save shows a screen that instructs you to try a few other keys on the remote to make sure you’ve found the correct code. Tip: try keys like Menu, and Guide. Power might work yet you still might not have the correct code. If several keys seem to work fine, press Save Code.


If some keys don’t work, select Change Code (or press Back) to go back and find another code that works better. Pressing Save Code again takes you to screen where you set up a Cable box.

You can quit at this point and set up other devices later, or you can continue and set up other devices - SAT, DVR, DVD, VCR, Audio, CD Player, or either of the 2 AUX devices. Let’s assume in this case that you set up a TV, Cable, and SAT.

Setting Up Your Favorites


Once you’ve gone through the Wizard and set up at least a TV, and set up more devices, or skipped the rest of them, you arrive at screen to the left.


When you press any digit key, say digit 4, to enter a channel number, you go to a screen where you can enter more digits if desired. The channel number can include a dash (-) for digital channels, e.g., 2-3, or can include ENTER, or OK, if your device requires it to change channels, e.g. 472Ok, or 550Ent.


Now you press the Side Key adjacent to “Pick Logo.” You are shown a screen of popular channel logos. You can select Next or Back to see more logos.

In this example let’s select the NBC logo. The screen now shows that we’ve chosen channel 4 and the NBC logo. Then let’s select Pick Device, and choose Cable (if you’ve set one up).


Select Save to save the setting for this Favorite. Set Favorite 2 of 10 is now displayed at the bottom of the screen to indicate that you can add another Favorite channel. Again just press a channel number key on the remote, choose a logo and change the Device Type (if you want to).

Add a few more Favorites. You can always Delete, or Edit them later, or even reorder their positions. Select Done when you’re finished setting up Favorites (you can set up more later).


The next screen lets you choose if the Favorites you just set up are to be stored in the “His” group or the “Hers” group. Later you can set up Favorites in lots of different Groups, not just His and Hers.


Selecting His takes you to a screen showing that you now have NBC set as the first Favorite in the “His” Group, as well as any other Favorites you set up.


When you’re finished setting up Favorites, press the Home button (located to the left below the screen) to go back to the Home screen.


At any time, you can press the Favorites button and then select His, or press the His button at the top left hand side of the remote to go to your Favorites screen. Then pressing the button next to the NBC logo will (in this case) change the channel on your Cable box to NBC (in this case channel 4).

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Do I need a computer to program my remote?
  • A: No way! Just push a couple buttons and you're set. No computer needed!
  • Q: Will I need to enter in any codes?
  • A: Nope! The iconRemote has the world's most complete code list already programmed in. It will figure out the codes by itself!
  • Q: Will it work with my stereo or CD player?
  • A: Sure! The iconRemote works with all audio/video equipment, including stereos, CD players, surround sound and more. This amazing remote can even learn codes from your existing remotes, old or new. Sweet!
  • Q: Can I replace all my remotes with the iconRemote?
  • A: Yep! The iconRemote lets you control up to 10 devices! It's one smart remote!
  • Q: Can I control X10 lights and appliances with the iconRemote?
  • A: Yes! All you need is the Infrared Mini-Controller and it will control your X10 gear too!
  • Q: Can I use it with old, obscure equipment?
  • A: Heck yeah! With the learning function, it will learn old codes. Amazing!