Installing the Sentinel Web Client

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How do I run the Sentinel remote?

Why doesn't the Sentinel webpage load on my Windows XP computer?


When you use the internet viewing feature of Sentinel, you need to install a remote client which is provided through X10's Sentinel service. To connect remotely, go to in the Internet Explorer web browser on a Windows PC.

When you first open up the website you see a blank, black window while the Sentinel Remote loads.


If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, it may show a notice that a download was blocked.


You will need to tell Internet Explorer to allow the Sentinel Remote client to load before the remote client software will work.


  • Click the Information Bar to open the Information Bar Menu.
  • Click "Install ActiveX Control..." to allow the Sentinel Remote client to be opened.

You will then be asked if you want to install a plugin from 'X10 Wireless Technology Inc.' Select "Install."


The remote client is a large file; it may take some time to open depending on your internet connection. Allow the Sentinel remote to load. Once it has, the Sentinel screen shows up in your browser window with a login prompt.


  • Double check that the remote computer is running Microsoft Windows operating system. This and Internet Explorer are needed to view
  • Are ActiveX controls enabled in your web browser? This is necessary for accessing images through
  • Please make sure you are logged in as a Power User or Administrator and have authorization to install or run the Sentinel Remote application. Even though it runs in your web browser, Sentinel Remote installs a small program on your computer.