Light Turns On at Night

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Why is my light flashing/turning on at night?

This nighttime lighting issue can be caused by the dawn/dusk feature of your motion sensor. When its photo cell detects the change from light to dark, the HawkEye or EagleEye motion sensor sends an On command to the unit code one higher than itself; when it detects the change from dark to light, it sends an Off command. For example, you have a motion sensor controlling a kitchen light. They are both set to A1. At dusk, this motion sensor turns on a night light set to A2, which it then turns Off command at dawn. This is perfect for porch lights and night lights. If you do not want to use this feature, you can stagger home automation codes by using A1, A3, A5, etc., or disable the dawn/dusk feature. To disable it, open the case and cover the component that has the red squiggly line with electrical tape. This will put the device in permanent darkness. This does, however, void the unit's warranty.

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