Local Control for Lamp & Appliance Modules

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What is the local control feature on the Lamp and Appliance Modules?


The local control feature allows you to turn on the Lamp or Appliance Module without the use of an X10 controller. To use this feature, turn the physical switch on the device being controlled to the OFF position, and then back to the ON position. The Lamp or Appliance Module detects the change and turns on. This is a handy feature when you are sitting next to a table lamp, but the remote is out of reach. Note: This feature will only turn the Module on. If you repeat the process--thinking that the Module will switch off--the Module will remain on. In order to turn off the Module, you will need a controller to send the off command via the house wiring.

Disabling Local Control

It is possible to disable the local control feature of an Appliance Module by plugging a "cube tap" or cheap two-prong multi-outlet extension cord into the Module. This lets you plug two items into the same Module. Plug a 7 1/2 watt incandescent night light into one of the receptacles of the cube tap or extension cord and the appliance you want to control into the other. When the Module is on, the appliance and night light will be on. When the Module is off, the appliance and the night light will be off. Now, even if you operate the power switch on the appliance, the night light is always "in circuit" so the Appliance Module's local control circuit is disabled.

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