MJPEG Camera Path Settings

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How do I change the recording path path on my AirSight camera?


These options require ActiveX Controls. Currently Internet Explorer is the only browser that can utilize these options.

  1. Log into your camera using Internet Explorer
  2. Click on “Other” > “Path Settings”
  3. Click “Browse” and choose the location on your hard drive you wish to record to.
  4. If the change was successful the camera will report “File Path Success”. If the change failed the camera will report the opposite.

If the file path will not change using the steps listed above please try the following steps. (Windows 7 or Vista’s security level is higher than Windows XP, for “Path Settings”)

  1. Open Internet Explorer 32bit as an administrator by clicking on the Window’s start menu> All Programs> Right click on the Internet Explorer version that is not labeled as 64bit. Click “Run as Administrator”
  2. In the address bar of that new window of Internet Explorer type in your camera’s IP address and log in to the Active X mode sign in option.
  3. Click on “Tools” in Internet Explorer and choose “Internet Options”. Click on the “Security” tab and then click on “Trusted Sites”.
  4. Click on “Sites” and uncheck the box marked “Require Server Verification (https) for all sites in this zone”.
  5. Click “Add”, click “Close”, click “Apply” and then click “OK”.
  6. Refresh Internet Explorer, log back into the camera using Active X mode, and repeat Steps 1 – 4 in the beginning of this article.

The file path should now be successfully changed and your camera will now record to that specified path.