MJPEG Cameras Are Vertical in Multi-Device Mode

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Why are my cameras showing vertically when viewing the multi-device mode in IE10?


If your cameras are showing vertically while in the multi-device grid view, you may need to enable the "Compatibility View" mode in Internet Explorer 10.

1. Open your camera in Internet Explorer 10 and choose the "Active X mode" sign in option

Step 1ed.jpg

2. Towards the top of the page you will see the "Compatibility View" control icon. Click on that icon

Click compatability view.png

3. The browser will refresh itself and you will be redirected back to the green sign in screen. Click on the "Active X mode" sign in option.

4. Click on the grid view option to return to the multi-device view.

Multiview button.jpg

Your cameras should now be in a normal, horizontal grid view format. Notice that the "Compatibility View" icon has changed to a darker shade of blue.

Comp view color change.png

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