MJPEG Cameras Are Vertical in Multi-Device Mode

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Why are my cameras showing vertically when viewing the multi-device mode in IE10?


If your cameras are showing vertically while in multi-device grid view, you may need to change your browser mode in order to see them in a normal, horizontal, grid view format.

1. Open your camera in Internet Explorer 10 and choose the "Active X mode" sign in option

Step 1.PNG

2. Click on "Tools" and then "F12 Developer Tools"

Step 2.jpg

3. At the bottom of your screen you will notice a panel of controls. In that panel click on "Browser Mode: IE10" and then select "Internet Explorer 9" and click the "X" to exit developer tools

Step 3.jpg

4. The browser will reload itself. Log in again using the "Active X mode" sign in option.

  • Now you will be able to use the camera in Internet Explorer 10 without the camera crashing. It is not always necessary to change the browser mode but it is recommended if any problems occur.

Step 4 in IE 9.JPG

  • If you are seeing a multi-view screen like the one below then you are still in IE 10 browser mode.

Step 4 in IE 10.jpg

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