MJPEG Problems with IE10

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Why do my MJPEG cameras keep crashing in Internet Explorer 10?


If you are having trouble with any of our MJPEG formatted cameras crashing in Internet Explorer 10 you may need to reload the Web User Interface. The instructions below will explain how to do that.

  • Go to our software download page here and download the "Web UI Update" made for your camera. Click on the primary link and save the file to your desktop. If you are unsure about how to download the file please click here.
  • Open your IP Camera Tools program, highlight and right click on the first camera you will be updating. Select "Upgrade Firmware"

Upgrade firmware1.png

  • In the next window click "Upgrade Web UI"

Upgrade webui1.jpg

  • Locate the Web UI software downloaded to your desktop and click "open"

Web ui folder select1.png

  • The Web UI will immediately start to install itself. Click OK when the dialogue box appears. The camera will reboot so it will momentarily disappear from the IP Camera Tools list. It will reappear when it finishes rebooting.

Upgrade web ui processing1.JPG

  • The new Web UI is now loaded. You should not have any problems when running the cameras in IE10. If your cameras are showing vertically with multi-device view, using IE 10 click here.

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