MiniTimer Setup

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How do I set up my MiniTimer?


Simply plug your MiniTimer into any AC outlet and set the clock by switching the Mode switch to "Set Clock" and use the rocking "Time" keys to set the time. Adjust your Lamp or Appliance Modules to the same House code as the MiniTimer. You may need a screwdriver, kitchen knife, or the tip of an electrical prong to turn the dial. Set the Unit code on your Lamp or Appliance Module to any number between 1 and 8. The combination of your Unit and House code’s makes your module’s distinct address. This way your remote knows which modules to turn on and off. Set the Mode switch on the Mini Timer to the "run" position. Test that your lamp or appliance is correctly working by pressing the "On" rocker key on the Mini Timer key pad that corresponds to the Unit code number you set for your Lamp or Appliance Module above (use the Selector Switch to switch to 5 and 8). Press the rocker key to "Off" to then turn your lamp or appliance off.

To program a timed event, first place the mode switch in the "Prog Set" position. Use the up and down arrows to advance to the desired time, then press any of the 4 ON or OFF rocker keys to set an on or off time for that Module. This will program the Mini Timer to turn that Module on (or off) at that time every day.