Minimum Lux for NightWatch

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Why can't I see anything when I use my NightWatch camera in the dark?

Is there any product that will help the NightWatch see in pitch darkness?

I cannot see images in total darkness. Why?


The NightWatch cameras need one-half of a lux to see. In low-light conditions, the NightWatch cameras mostly depend on infrared light. This means that they will be sensitive to changes in temperature. Thus, background objects, which are usually all the same temperature, will not stand out from one another very well at night. However, anything warmer than the background will appear much lighter than other objects, so people will stand out clearly if there is even a little visible light to work with.

You can use IR illuminators, basically infrared LED spotlights, to get camera video in pitch darkness:

The X10 Sentinel camera has a low-light mode that can produce a useable picture in as little as 0.02 lux: