More Than Four Cameras

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I am trying to switch between more than four cameras with my CR12A remote and it is not working. What am I missing?


Code Groups

XCam2 cameras are designed to be used in groups of 4. The groups of 4 are 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16. The Addressable Power Supplies are designed such that if their code is received they turn on, but if any other code (in their group of 4) is received, they turn off. This ensures that only one camera is ever on at the same time. Any code outside their group of 4 is ignored. So if you turn on camera 1, cameras 2, 3, and 4 turn off. If you turn on camera 2, cameras 1, 3 and 4 turn off, etc.

5+ Cameras

When your system involves five or more cameras, controlling your cameras takes more steps. If you are switching between two cameras that are in the same Unit code group, you only have to send the ON command for the next camera. If you are switching between two cameras that are in different Unit code groups (i.e., from camera A4 to camera A5), you will have to manually transmit the OFF command for the currently transmitting camera before sending the ON command for the next camera to avoid interference.

X10's ScanPower Director remote can switch between up to 16 cameras on one house code- it will automatically send the required OFF commands:

X10's Vanguard Internet Control Center software can switch between up to 16 cameras on one house code.

Multiple Cameras Assigned To Multiple House Codes

The same consideration discussed in the 5+ Cameras section applies here; however, there is now an additional issue. For each House code you wish to control, you will require one Transceiver. Controlling the cameras by remote will require one remote for each House code used, or you will have to change a single remote's House code dial each time you wish to control cameras assigned to a different House code. ActiveHome Pro with the iWatchOut plugin can do all this automatically.