Motion Sensors Turn on Incorrect Code

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My Motion Sensor is always B2, but works only A1


The motion sensor seems to be set to B2, but the second flash you see during installation is really the sensor telling you it is still on A1.

Here is a break down of what is happening:

  • When you press and hold either the House/On or the Unit/Off buttons, the light on the motion sensor flickers rapidly. This indicates that it is sending out an On or Off command, depending on whether you pressed House or Unit.
  • A few seconds of holding down the button, and the light will flash once. This is telling you two things--it is set to A (if you pressed House) or 1 (if you pressed Unit), and it is ready to begin programming.
  • If you let go and do not press anything (or continue to hold down the button), then it will flash again. This will be to tell you it is still on A (or 1), and that it is done with programming.

The trick is to release the button after that first solid flash. Release it, and then begin programming immediately.

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