Multiple Wired Vanguard Cameras

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How can I hook up and control multiple wired Vanguard cameras?


You will need a quad processor or multiplexer; you can order a 4-cam color unit for $210 by calling 800-675-3044. Hook all your Vanguard cameras into your multiplexer using the RCA video cables, directly from the wired output on each Vanguard camera. Set each Vanguard to TRANSMIT ENABLE (yes, this does not seem logical, but do it anyhow.) Follow the directions in your manual to set each Vanguard camera to Unit Codes 1-4 respectively; leave each on the same House Code.

When you turn on your TV/computer, you should now see all four cameras live on the screen at once. When you press a C1, C2, C3, or C4 button on the remote, the remote should control that camera exclusively.