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Wouldn't you want to know if your garage door was open? Of course you would! We've all had that sneaking feeling before. Did you remember to close the garage door on your way out? Sometimes we doubt ourselves so much that we have to turn back or call the neighbor to check! There's a much easier way to put your mind at ease.

We believe that common worries, such as your garage door being left open, should not get in the way of a productive day. With the BRAND NEW MyGarage, it doesn't matter where you are in the world. Simply pull out your cell phone and check to see whether or not you closed your garage! It's peace of mind and an easy solution to an annoying everyday problem.

It's quick and easy to setup. Only 4 easy steps.

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Quick Setup

Adding MyGarage to your cell phone won't take more than 5 minutes!

  1. Open up ActiveHome on your computer
  2. Click on the Plug-ins pulldown menu, select MyGarage
  3. Select configure garage


  1. Select configure garage
  2. Select the sensor for the garage
  3. select the module that controls the garage door


  1. Type in your Email address that is synced up with your phone and click Send
  2. Open up the Email on your phone, click on the link and bookmark it so you can see it on your Home Screen. YOU'RE DONE!

MyGarage is a feature-rich application. Below is a guide that will navigate you through the user-friendly interface and tell you, what's what.


Hardware Setup

  • Wire the DS10A to the garage door, press and hold its TEST button for a few seconds, then close the battery door. Verify that the LED on the DS10A blinks when the garage door opens or closes. If it does not, please Experiment With Magnet Placement.
  • If you have one, wire the UM506 in parallel with the garage door opener. Set it to MOMENTARY and to a unique House and Unit Code. Plug the TM751 into a wall outlet, preferably one near the UM506. The TM751 receives the signals from the CM19A and transmits them over the power lines to control the UM506.