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Questions How do I setup MyHouse for a dial-up modem? Answer Dial-Up Settings If you connect to the Internet using a dial-up service, you can configure MyHouse Online so that it connects when necessary. Your computer does not need to be connected at all times, but it does need to be turned on. To access the dial-up settings, open the Preferences window, and go to the Dial-Up tab. The Automatic Connection features are disabled by default. Just select the "Automatically start an Internet connection..." option to use them. [p class="bodytext"][img src="416.gif" height="436" width="400" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="bottom" border="0">[/p> Options Use these settings to select a specific sequence of calls and rings that tell ActiveHome Pro to connect to the Internet. To use this feature, call your house (the number for the computer running ActiveHome Pro) using the sequence you select, and MyHouse Online will start the dial-up connection. Windows Configuration This section provides shortcut access to Windows features that you can use to configure your dial-up Internet connection. See the help information available in Windows for more information. Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00278.html"]a00278[/a] : Setting Up Remote Users in MyHouse Online[BR] Key Topics: user,remote,add,create,configure,password,access Relates to: CM15A, SW31A, SW32A, SW33A, SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00279.html"]a00279[/a] : Troubleshooting Remote Connections in MyHouse Online[BR] Key Topics: myhouse,online,problem,trouble,troubleshoot,remote,access,user,client,service,port,firewall Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00280.html"]a00280[/a] : Sending E-mail with MyHouse Online[BR] Key Topics: myhouse,email,e-mail,macro,send,address Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00283.html"]a00283[/a] : Using The FTP Media Command[BR] Key Topics: ftp,media,command,sw34a,myhouse Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00284.html"]a00284[/a] : MyHouse E-mail Configuration[BR] Key Topics: e-mail,configuration,setup Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00285.html"]a00285[/a] : Using the Remote Connection[BR] Key Topics: sw34a, remote, connection, myhouse Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00286.html"]a00286[/a] : Setting Up User Configuration[BR] Key Topics: myhouse, setup, user, configuration, sw34a Relates to: SW34A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00287.html"]a00287[/a] : Configuring MyHouse FTP Settings[BR] Key Topics: myhouse, ftp, settings, sw34a Relates to: SW34A [img src=""]