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How do I configure MyHouse to send emails?


Setting Up Internet Features

There are a number of different settings you can use to customize MyHouse Online. Your first step is to set up a remote user name for yourself so you can try out the remote access. Enter the name and e-mail address you want to appear as the "From" information in e-mails from MyHouse Online in the name and address boxes at the top of the window.


Adding E-mail Addresses

The Address Book is the list of e-mail addresses available to macros. To enter an address, click the Add button (shown above), and enter a name and e-mail address in the box that pops up.


Click OK to add this information to the Address Book. If you want to change an entry, select it and click the Edit button. Use the Make Default button to select the highlighted address as the one MyHouse Online uses if a different one is not specified.


Image Compression Options

The compression options determine the size of images uploaded. The Image Size slider adjusts the resolution of the image. Smaller images take up less space; bigger images take up more space. The Quality slider adjusts the clarity of the picture. You can set the quality lower to save file size, but there will be less detail in the images.

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