NEW Alarm Input Armed / IO Linkage on Alarm

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How do I setup my Airsight HD Cameras to use Alarm Input Armed / IO Linkage on Alarm?


If you want to connect external alarm devices:

  • Check EXTERNAL ALARM to turn this feature ON/OFF
  • Select ON from the LOSE SD-CARD ALARM drop down menu if you'd like to be notified, via your external alarm device, in the event the optional SDCard is removed.
  • For an alarm INPUT device, choose ENABLE, next to ALARM INPUT and then indicate whether the external device uses a N.O. (normally open) or N.C. (normally closed) relay to trigger the alarm.
  • For an alarm OUTPUT device, choose the appropriate actions under Linkage With Alarm to enable it.
  • Optionally, you can also designate days and times you want your external alarm settings to be turned on by checking SCHEDULE
  • Click SAVE

IO Pins for IO Alarm Linkage



  1. Output
  2. Output
  3. Alarm Input
  4. Input (GND)

Output pins: Output pins (1 & 2) can be used to enable IO linkage on alarm.

  • For example, you might connect an external siren to sound when motion is detected.
  • You can also manually control the output switches via the WebUI buttons ALARMINPUT5.png & ALARMINPUT6.png to turn the connected device ON/OFF.

Input pins: Input pins (3 & 4) can be used for 1-way external sensor input to the camera.

  • For example, you might connect an external Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to it triggered the camera to send an e-mail and/or trigger the siren attached to the Output Pins (above).
  • If you link an external alarm device to Pins 3 and 4, when Alarm Input Enable is selected, the external alarm is armed.

NOTE: All pins work as a switch only.