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How do I set up my MT12A MiniTimer?


The great thing about the MiniTimer is that setup is easy: you don’t have to rewire anything. The MiniTimer is so easy to install it requires no tools – and no new wires - at all.

Basic Setup

  1. Simply plug your MiniTimer into any AC outlet and set the clock by switching the Mode switch to “Set Clock” and use the rocking “Time” keys to set the time.
  2. Install two AA alkaline batteries in the compartment on the back, if desired (to protect the time and programmed events if there's a power outage).
  3. Adjust your Lamp or Appliance Modules to the same House code as the MiniTimer. You may need a screwdriver, kitchen knife, or the tip of an electrical prong to turn the dial.
  4. Set the Unit code on your Lamp or Appliance Module to any number between 1 and 8. The combination of your Unit and House code’s makes your module’s distinct address. This way your remote knows which modules to turn on and off.
  5. Set the Mode switch on the Mini Timer to the “run” position.
  6. Test that your lamp or appliance is correctly working by pressing the “On” rocker key on the Mini Timer key pad that corresponds to the Unit code number you set for your Lamp or Appliance Module above (use the Selector Switch to switch to 5 and 8). Press the rocker key to “Off” to then turn your lamp or appliance off.
  • To turn on ALL lights connected to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules (with the same Housecode as the Mini Timer), press the “All Lights On” button. This does not affect appliances.
  • To turn off ALL lights AND appliances connected to any kind of X10 PRO Module (with the same Housecode as the Mini Timer), including Appliance Modules, press the “All Off” button.

Creating a Timed Event

  1. Place the Mode switch in “Prog Set/Review” position.
  2. Advance to the desired time.
  3. Set the 1-4/5-8 switch to the desired position.
  4. Press any of the 4 ON or OFF buttons to set an On or Off time for that Module. This will program the Mini-Timer to turn that Module on (or off) at that time every day.
  5. Advance to another time, and press another ON or OFF button as desired.
  6. Set the Mode switch back to RUN.

Changing the Housecode

When you first plug in the Mini Timer it controls X10 PRO Modules set to Housecode A. If you want to change the Housecode, please follow these instructions:

  1. Set the Mode switch to “Housecode Set.”
  2. Press the up or down "Time" rocker to select the desired Housecode (as shown in the display).
  3. Set the Mode switch back to RUN.

Important Note

You must use the power supply that came with the Mini Timer. The power supply contains circuitry required to control your X10 modules, so you CANNOT replace it with a regular 12V power supply.